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Analytics for all

Today added universal Sign In and analytics for all


Foursquare check-in added

New feature added on

Simply enter venue ID (get it from <- this is ID) and click Generate.

Print and attach to the entrance of the venue and people will be able to do fast check-in using favorite QR code reader.

iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android Foursquare app handlers supported.

API call:


forĀ full-pageĀ printable image


Mobile device support

Mobile device compact style added for

Automatic support for Android, iP{hone/ad/od} and most mobile devices


QR + URL shortener = QRF.IN now not only shortening service for but standalone QR code generator and URL shortener with OExchange support also.

Simply insert your URL in the box and click Tag NOW.
Then you can copy resulting short URL, download QR code or share it in Twitter or Facebook or anywhere else.