QR PayPal payments

Pay from mobile phone!

QRifier.com added QR code generator for instant PayPal payments.

Now customer can make donations or pay for goods/subscriptions just from their phones.


Mobile device support

Mobile device compact style added for qrf.in

Automatic support for Android, iP{hone/ad/od} and most mobile devices


QR + URL shortener = QRF.IN

qrf.in now not only shortening service for QRifier.com but standalone QR code generator and URL shortener with OExchange support also.

Simply insert your URL in the box and click Tag NOW.
Then you can copy resulting short URL, download QR code or share it in Twitter or Facebook or anywhere else.


Extended tracking added

Now our extended tracking for registered users provides customer data as URL query when doing a redirect to your URL.

1. Choose QR URL tab

2. Check “Add extanded tracking”

3. Enter your URL (for example http://google.com)

4. Choose size and colors if you want

5. Press “Generate”

Now QR-code with special short URL will be generated. For http://google.com it will be http://qrf.in/l80h1o+

When customer scan this QR-codeĀ our service will keep statistics and redirect customer to your site with the addition of information within the URL query. You can use this query data for size customization.

Data contain customers IP, geo coordinates, full country name, country code, zip code, state, city, browser name, browser version, OS name.

Final URL example for google.com:


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